Planning A Successful Easter Egg Hunt For Children and Adults

Easter is a beloved holiday, and one of the best activities to do with your family and friends is an Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts are a fun and exciting activity for everyone to enjoy during the spring season. Whether you’re planning an indoor or outdoor egg hunt, there are some key elements to consider in order to make it as enjoyable and successful as possible. Read on for our tips on how to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt!



Plan ahead

To ensure that your Easter egg hunt goes smoothly, you’ll need to plan ahead. Decide on a location, time, and date for the Easter Egg Hunt. Typically early afternoon is a great time due to lower temps and the energy level of the participants is at an all-time high. Make sure to consider the age group of the participants, as well as any safety concerns. It’s important to choose an area that’s large enough for all participants to search for eggs without feeling crowded. Also, always have a backup plan in place in case the weather becomes unfavorable.

Preparation Tips 

One of the most important things to consider when planning your Easter egg hunt is safety. It’s important to choose an area that is free from hazards like poison ivy, stinging insects, and other potentially dangerous plants or animals. If you plan on having your hunt outdoors, try to stick with one area that has mowed grass or a paved surface so that it’s easier for little kids and adults to traverse. 

Another key element of preparation for your Easter egg hunt is coming up with fun hiding places for the eggs. Consider using plastic eggs rather than real ones so they don’t spoil; this will also make them easier to clean up afterward. If possible, hide some of the eggs in plain sight (behind trees or near benches) and then hide others in more difficult-to-find places like underneath rocks or inside small bushes. You can also put clues inside some of the plastic eggs if you want! This can be especially helpful if you’re hosting a larger group and need additional help getting everyone involved in finding eggs.


Get Creative With The Plastic Eggs And Egg Fillers

Instead of using traditional plastic eggs, try using different materials or decorating them uniquely. You can also fill them with treats like candy, stickers, small toys, and even cash! If you’re feeling crafty, consider making your own Easter eggs by painting or decorating real eggs. DIY egg crafts are always a winner!


Eggs Galore

Consider purchasing plastic eggs in bulk. They can be pre-filled of course! If pre-filled make sure the contents are individually wrapped and there are no loose, unwrapped candies like jelly beans. Also, if you fill your eggs with chocolate, placing those eggs in a cooler will prevent the chocolate from melting and creating a huge mess. Have extra eggs on hand always! Special eggs are attractive. Select a few “golden” eggs that have extra special prizes!


Set Clear Rules

It’s important to establish rules for the Easter Egg Hunt to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of finding eggs. No one should get all the eggs, right? Determine how many eggs each participant can find, whether eggs can be hidden in certain areas, and the time limit for the egg hunt. Sorting children in various age groups is key. Consider having the youngest children hunt first, always for an allotted amount of time for a set number of easter eggs. Also, consider having a separate area for the youngest children to egg hunt away from bigger children and adults.


Fun Activities

While the fun Easter egg hunt is the main event, you can also plan other fun activities to keep guests entertained. Consider games like potato sack races, relay races, egg toss, water gun fights, Jenga, and Tug-o-war are classic activities that add a spectacle to any Easter Egg Hunt. Also, consider having a face painter, a magician, a balloon artist, or even a petting zoo. DIY craft projects for children are a nice touch as well. DIY easter baskets are fun and a nice keepsake from the Easter event. A photo booth or mini photo area session is wonderful! Guests can take memorable photos of themselves.





Have prizes

Consider having small prizes for the participants who find the most eggs or complete the Easter Egg Hunt first. This will add an extra element of excitement to the event. It’s important to make sure that prizes are age-appropriate and inclusive for all participants.


Forget the Bunny or Not

The Easter Bunny is a beloved symbol of Easter, but not all children are comfortable with a costumed character. Use discretion as to whether the presence of the Easter Bunny would be welcomed by your guests! If you do decide to have a bunny, make sure it’s not too scary for children.



Food is always a must at Easter egg hunts. Provide treats and various food options for children and adults. Many Easter egg hunts become festive picnics or lawn parties, where you can consider serving sandwiches, crawfish, fried chicken, salads, or even sushi. Choose items that will be safe for guests to enjoy, serve easily, and of course, tasty. If too much for you to handle, do an old-fashioned pot-luck, where guests bring dishes to complement the party.


Don’t Forget The Adults

Forget the baskets and candy-filled eggs and switch things up with a grown-up version of this classic activity. Here are some creative Easter egg hunt ideas that adults will love.

Scavenger Hunt

 A scavenger hunt is an excellent way to engage with friends or family in a competitive, yet fun, way. Create a list of seasonal items that can be found outside, like flowers, leaves, or feathers. Each person must search for these items and whoever finds the most wins! You can also use this opportunity to encourage people to work together, by making it a team effort instead of individual competition. For extra fun, give each team member their own list of items to find so that everyone has an equal chance of winning.


Geocaching is an outdoor game where participants use GPS coordinates to find hidden containers called “geocaches”. These geocaches are typically filled with small trinkets or notes left by the original hider. This Easter egg hunt idea is perfect if you want something interactive and exciting! All you need is a GPS device and access to geocache locations in your area (or create your own). Then you can start searching for hidden treasures!


Picture Puzzles

This one takes some pre-planning but it’s worth it if you want something unique! Cut pictures into pieces and hide them around your house or yard before the hunt begins. When all the pieces are collected, put them back together to complete the puzzle! This game can take as long as you’d like it to—just make sure there are enough clues for everyone participating so no one gets stuck looking for too long.


Wine Down Game

Very popular among moms is the race for bottles of wine. Have your guests bring a bottle of their favorite wine or other drink. Hide the wine in various places and set a timer for no longer than 2 minutes. Watch the mayhem as the adults hunt for the wine. Make sure you have beverage carriers available for your guests to bring the wine home!


Easter egg hunts don’t have to be just for kids; adults can join in on the fun too! With these creative Easter egg hunt ideas for adults, you’ll be able to keep everyone entertained while still getting into the spirit of springtime festivities. So grab your friends and family and get ready for an unforgettable Easter adventure! Good luck finding those eggs!

No matter how big or small your group may be, an Easter egg hunt can be a great way to spend time together this holiday season! With proper preparation and some creative ideas for after-hunt activities, you can create memorable moments that will last long after the holiday is over. So go forth and plan away—happy hunting!

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