How To Make A Valentine’s Day Tablescape That Looks Incredible

This Valentine’s Day, why not set up a romantic tablescape to show your love how much you care? With just a few simple touches, you can create Valentine’s day table decor that will bring the beauty of the holiday into your home.

I asked my friend Jessica Pearsall owner of @ivoryandnoire, to help create a Valentine’s Day tablescape for me and my husband special this year. I wanted it to be glamorous, romantic, and chic but I needed to make the setting appealing to my husband as well. The Valentine’s Day tablescape Jessica created was stunning! Here are some tips and ideas on how to put together the perfect table for your special someone this February 14th. See links below to @ivoryandnoire for further tablescape inspirations and tips.

Table Decorations

The foundation of any beautiful tablescape is a clean and inviting tablecloth. Choose one in an eye-catching color or pattern that fits the theme of the day, like a light pink or red cloth. To add some sparkle, lay down some sequins or bejeweled fabric in complementing colors as well. You can also add some festive touches with candles and flowers, such as roses or carnations. Place these items around the table to give it a romantic ambiance.



Make sure you have enough dishes, glasses, and flatware for both of you. Select pieces that are elegant yet timeless and made from quality materials such as stoneware or glassware. Opt for neutral colors like white or beige that won’t detract from your decorations but still look modern and chic. Consider using gold accents such as gold-rimmed plates to bring out the romance of the evening even more!


Food & Drink

Last but not least, don’t forget to choose something delicious to serve at your Valentine’s Day dinner! Whether it’s takeout from your favorite restaurant or something homemade by you, make sure it looks good on the plate as well as tastes good in your mouth! To top off your meal, pick out some special drinks like champagne or wine—whatever complements what you have prepared best.

A Valentine’s Day tablescape is an easy way to show someone special how much they mean to you with minimal effort! Put together a beautiful table setting with decorations and tableware that fit with the theme, then top it off with delicious food and drinks that will be sure to impress your loved one this February 14th! With these simple steps in mind, you can create an unforgettable evening for two without breaking the bank. For further inspiration check out @ivoryandnoire blog!

Valentine’s Day Tablescapes FAQ


How to create Valentine tablescape?

Planning Valentine’s Day tablescapes are easier than you might think! With the right touches, creating a beautiful setting for your significant other or even just yourself can be quick and effortless. Here are some helpful tips on how to create an amazing Valentine’s Day tablescape:


Start with a focal point

Whether it be a centerpiece, scented candles, or something else entirely— make sure you choose one element that will draw attention and stand out in the room. To make it extra special, tie this piece into the color scheme of your décor— either with flowers, table runners, or other decorations in complementary shades of red and pink.


Add romantic elements

Soften up your space by introducing heart-shaped touches like soft linens or dishes featuring hearts made out of fondant; add ribbons around chairs for an elegant touch; display photos from happier times as conversation starters; fill glasses with mini desserts for additional sweetness during dinner time; sprinkle rose petals centered around plates and lit tealights down the middle to bring warmth and love throughout the evening!

Incorporate personal touches

Make sure to include small mementos that have meaning to both you and your partner – such as place cards handwritten by each guest – as well as framed photos of special memories together placed strategically on tablescapes so they are visible but not intrusive. If possible try adding sentimental items like jewelry pieces left behind by loved ones who passed away years ago– anything that makes them feel close even if they’re no longer here can help evoke emotion when celebrating this special day! 


Bring in fragrances

Scented candles are always great additions to any romantic atmosphere – opt for citrusy florals like jasmine or gardenia which provide refreshing aromas without being too overpowering – light them ahead of time before guests arrive so their soothing smells linger throughout dinner conversations!


Use glassware wisely

Glasses should complement the entire tablescape design while still allowing each set-up its own unique sense of style – go classic with crystal wine glasses & champagne flutes embossed with gold detailing (for traditional romance) OR modernize using acrylic tumblers with subtle patterns & colors to bring out personality within contemporary decors!

Following these guidelines will help guarantee that your loved one(s) appreciate all the hard work put into making a gorgeous Valentine’s Day tablescape! Happy Valentine’s Day!


What are some Valentine’s Day inspiration ideas for a small budget?

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate the ones you love, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some ideas of how you can spread love without breaking the bank this Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Walk

Talk about setting the mood! Take your date on a romantic night walk and admire the stars in the sky together – if you’re lucky enough to have clear skies! It will create an unforgettable moment without spending any money at all. Also, pack a basket full of bite-size treats complete with a cute place setting and something you both will enjoy drinking.


Give DIY gifts

Many Valentine’s traditions involve exchanging gifts with loved ones, but that doesn’t mean those gifts need to be bought from stores or online shops. Get creative and crafty by making handmade cards, or even baking and decorating homemade cookies or cupcakes for your loved one! The cost is minimal yet your partner will appreciate the effort.


Have a Movie Night In

Gather around, pop some popcorn, and watch your favorite rom-com together! This simple activity will still add sparkle to both of your nights without having to stretch too much financially wise here either. Or if being outdoors isn’t an option during the winter season we recommend renting a cozy cabin amidst nature instead just for the two of you – a perfect choice for more private celebratory moments away from any bustling city noises!


Plan a game night

Break out those board games such as Jenga, Uno, or even Monopoly while enjoying each other’s company over snacks like chips & dip or fancy cheeses paired with crackers & wine. It may not sound very romantic but trust us when we say, it definitely adds its own unique flavor of fun & entertainment into this otherwise typical holiday occasion apart from normal dinners out in restaurants too often done already!

Lastly don’t forget about creating lasting memories through photos especially when capturing these treasured moments as keepsakes forever – take out iPhones/cameras & strike up treasured poses around town which don’t require spending extra dollars on overly pricy dinners either!

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