Gigantic Easter Basket: A Versatile Outdoor Decor & Family Delight

Easter is a time of joy, renewal, and creativity. This year, why not take your Easter celebration to the next level by crafting a gigantic Easter basket? Perfect as eye-catching outdoor decor or a unique centerpiece for your family’s Easter enjoyment, this DIY project combines the spirit of Easter with the joy of crafting. Using a large plastic planter with a basket weave pattern from Home Depot, a pool noodle, green moss, and a few more accessible items, you can create something truly special.

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Choosing Your Material and Getting Inspired


  •      Large plastic planter with basket weave pattern
  •      Pool noodle
  •      Green moss
  •     Packing paper or towels
  •     Box or cardboard topper for the basket
  •     Large plastic eggs (preferably those that open)
  •    Artificial or real flowers(optional)

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Prepare the Planter

Start with the large plastic planter. Its basket weave pattern will instantly give the look and feel of a traditional Easter basket but on a much larger scale. I chose to keep the planter off-white rather than spray painting it brown. The planter serves as the base of your gigantic Easter basket.

2. Shape the Pool Noodle

Cut the pool noodle to fit the diameter of the planter. I used a pair of scissors to make slits on each edge of the pool noodle so it will fit on the rim of the planter.  You can secure it in place with strong adhesive or tape. I needed to dissemble the basket and store it for next year. So permanently attaching the noodle was not an option. See video tutorial.

3. Fill with Packing Paper or Towels

Inside the planter, use packing paper or towels to create a base for your decorations. This provides stability and height, making it easier to arrange your items attractively.

4. Create a Cardboard Topper

For a more defined basket shape, place a box or cut a piece of cardboard to fit as a topper within the planter. This will be the base to stack the easter eggs and other items on.

5. Add Green Moss

Cover the topper with green moss. The green moss adds a natural, spring-like feel to your basket, enhancing its outdoor decor potential.

6. Decorate with Eggs and Flowers

Now for the fun part: decorating your basket. Arrange large plastic eggs and a mix of artificial or real flowers atop the moss, creating a vibrant and festive display. If using plastic eggs that open, consider hiding treats or small gifts inside for an added Easter surprise.

This DIY Gigantic Easter Basket project is not only a fantastic way to decorate your outdoor space but also offers a unique way to celebrate Easter with your family. Whether you choose to fill it with flowers for a beautiful arrangement or use it as a traditional Easter basket filled with goodies, it’s sure to be a hit. Enjoy the process of creating something special this Easter, and may your basket be a symbol of joy and creativity for all to see.

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