DIY Halloween Witch’s Cauldrons: Bubbling & Hazy Mystics

Every year, I eagerly await the spooky season to unleash my inner DIY spirit. This Halloween, I crafted two mesmerizing cauldrons for my front porch – the Bubbling Cauldron and the Hazy Mystic Cauldron. The result? My neighbors couldn’t stop inquiring about them! Not only did they create an entrancing Halloween scene, but they were also simple, budget-friendly, and quick to make. Here’s how I did it:

Bubbling Cauldron

Materials Needed:

  • Black plastic cauldron (any size)
  • Fillers: Box, paper, or styrofoam
  • Colored mini lights (battery-operated, remote preferred)
  • LED string lights (battery-operated, remote preferred)
  • Iridescent clear Christmas ornaments (various sizes)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Prep the Base: Place your chosen filler inside the cauldron so that it’s about 4-6 inches from the top. Cover the fillers with colored mini lights, ensuring the control panel is accessible.
  2. Bubble Creation: Begin by removing the caps from the Christmas ornaments. Position them inside the cauldron to mimic rising bubbles. Secure each ornament using the hot glue gun.
  3. Light it Up: Weave the LED string lights between the ornaments, making sure to leave the control panel exposed for easy access.

Hazy Mystic Cauldron

Materials Needed:

  • Black plastic cauldron
  • Bowl (to fit within the cauldron)
  • 2-3 misters (fog machines)
  • Box or packing paper (for elevation, if needed)
  • Water
  • Optional: Mini LED lights for added glow



  1. Bowl Placement: Find a bowl that fits snugly within the cauldron, ensuring it’s 1-2 inches from the rim. If it sits too low, use a box or packing paper to elevate it.
  2. Misty Magic: Pour 4-6 inches of water into the bowl. Place the misters inside, ensuring they’re submerged but not touching the bowl’s base.
  3. Ambient Lighting (Optional): Place mini LED lights around the bowl, atop the packing paper or box, to amplify the cauldron’s mystical aura.


  • Black plastic cauldrons
  • Fillers (Box, paper, styrofoam)
  • Colored mini lights & LED string lights
  • Iridescent clear Christmas ornaments
  • Hot glue gun
  • Bowl (for Hazy Mystic Cauldron)
  • 2-3 misters
  • Water
  • Optional: Mini LED lights

In just 10-30 minutes, you too can conjure these enchanting cauldrons and cast a Halloween spell on your own porch. For those who are visual learners, I’ve recorded a YouTube tutorial that takes you through each step, ensuring your cauldrons bubble and fog to perfection. Happy crafting and spooky celebrating! 🎃🔮


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