DIY Easter Decor: How to Make a Tulip Carrot Wreath for Your Front Door

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own Tulip Carrot Wreath

Easter is more than just a holiday to me; it’s a season that sparks joy and creativity, especially when it comes to decorating my home. The pastel colors and festive spirit make for the perfect backdrop to welcome guests with eye-catching decor. From hosting large Easter egg hunts to transforming my front door into a welcoming sight, I’ve always enjoyed the process. This year, inspired by the stunning tulips I saw on Pinterest, I decided to take a creative leap from my traditional orange and green mesh ribbon carrot wreaths to something fresh. Why not a tulip carrot wreath?

Choosing Your Materials and Getting Inspired


  • 60 tulips
  • Greenery
  • Zip ties
  • Floral Wire
  • Wired Ribbon (one or two different colors)
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors

Crafting Your Wreath: A Detailed Walkthrough

  1. Bundle Your Tulips: Begin by arranging the tulips to form a carrot-like shape. It’s okay if it’s not perfect; the charm is in the uniqueness! To make this easier, I created tulip bundles.  I started by creating the pointed end of the carrot with three tulips.  I made sure the middle tulip extended a little further from the two flanking tulips.  The next bundle I added four tulips and stacked that bundled on top of the initial bundle. Both bundles were secured with zip ties.  This continued, until I had the tulips arranged in a carrot shape. The largest tulip bundle created included 7 tulips, ¼ the way from the top of the carrot.
  2. Attach the Tulips: Initially, I wrapped each tulip bundle together with floral wire. As the bundles got larger, zip ties were used to secure each bundle and attach each bundle together to maintain the evolving carrot shape. So, remember as you create a bundle of tulips, remember to lay each bundle on top of each other, arrange the tulips to mimic a carrot shape, and then take a zip tie and tie each bundle together. If you don’t a bundle or two will fall and the whole project will fail.
  1. Shape Your Wreath: The tulip bundles are the framework for the carrot shaped wreath.  I adjusted the tulips as needed to obtain the look I wanted.  The tulips are wired so this process was simple.
  1. Add the Green Top:  I added greenery I found and made the adjustments to achieve the perfect look. I attached my “carrot top” to the wreath with floral wire and zip ties.
  2. The Final Touches: Once all elements are in place, I took a moment to adjust and tweak until everything looks just right. I added a ribbon for to give the wreath a polished look and hung it from my front door with two zip ties for safety.

Now…I found a similar carrot wreath on a big brand site with a price tag over one hundred dollars without shipping.  I spent eighty-six dollars for this entire project. The cost should have been seventy-two dollars because I already owned floral wire and cutters. I just wanted a  complete floral kit at home for other projects.

This DIY tulip carrot wreath project isn’t just about beautifying your home for Easter; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the holiday’s creative spirit. It’s a reminder that no matter how hectic life gets, there’s always room for a little creativity and joy. So, why not try your hand at making one? It’s a delightful way to add a unique and personal touch to your Easter decorations, guaranteed to impress your guests.


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