Airport Concierge Service At Charles De Gaulle-Hathorn Family Experience

Airport concierge services are designed to offer travelers a more comfortable and hassle-free travel experience. When using an airport concierge service, you can typically expect a dedicated representative to meet you at the airport and assist you with various tasks, such as checking in, navigating security, and boarding your flight. The representative can also help you with any special requests, such as arranging special meals or assisting with your luggage. 

Airport Concierge-Bougie or Necessary?

In 2022, our family made two trips to Paris that were five weeks apart. My last trip to Paris before this was in the summer of 2019 when I brought along my daughter and my mom, the first time in Paris for both of them. I remembered the long lines at CDG and how fortunate we were because we did not miss our return flight to Houston despite arriving four hours ahead of our boarding time. The only reason we got on our flight was that my daughter ran to the gate and alerted the flight attendants of our presence. Our Sky Priority access did not help expedite our transit times through immigration and security that day.

Fast forward to 2022, post Covid revenge travel was in full effect. Flight cancellations, delays, and lost luggage plagued international travel. I knew my family of four could not tolerate too many mishaps, given we were also traveling to other countries. My love for airport concierge was birthed while planning my family’s departures from CDG.

Several third-party-airport concierge services are available at CDG, such as Universal Sky VIP, Royal Airport Concierge, and Assistant Global Travel Concierge, for companies and large groups of travelers. I chose Paris Aéroport. Please research and choose a service line that fits your needs and budget.

The Airport Concierge Experience

I found the Paris Aéroport website and booking user-friendly and more personal. I communicated with a service representative who spoke English! I reserved their Meet and Greet Services 48 hrs before departure through email. The service agents responded quickly by email with the necessary details, such as price and how to meet the concierge professional at CDG, and confirmed all of our details. I received a phone call welcoming us to their service line too. I received SMS and What’s app text messages confirming our flight times and our meet-up point at CDG from the professional concierge on the morning of our departure. He greeted us upon arrival for departure at the airport information desk at CDG. Our concierge professional was friendly, extremely helpful, and knowledgeable of all our flight details and lounge requirements.

I am a shopper, so the VAT tax refund process is sometimes a nightmare when departing CDG. I could not believe how easy and fast that process was for us. I purchased multiple high-end handbags, jewelry, and clothing that required visual inspection by the VAT attendant. I received all the necessary documentation to receive my refund in less than 10 minutes! Whoa! We were off to a fantastic start.

Next, the ever-frightening ticket line was another test. We moved through ticketing and baggage drop in less than 10 minutes! Yes, we broke through the lines without hesitation or resistance from anyone working the counters. Our concierge professional smiled and flashed his credentials; the rest was history.

With our boarding passes and passports in hand, we breezed through the treacherous immigration and security lines without being stopped in 18 minutes! Yes, with a family of four! Typically, it takes at least an hour to get through immigration/security at CDG, which are the rate-limiting steps to boarding one’s plane before departure.

Finally, we hopped a train that took us to our terminal, and our professional concierge took us to our lounge of choice, where I had a few hours to continue shopping for more high-end favorites before returning to Houston. This service was wonderful because there was no stress, and as a family, we could relax and enjoy various airport amenities before boarding.

Pricing for a family of four

Now, how much did this all cost? Paris Aeroport charged me 155€ for 1-3 people and 30€ for each additional person. Given the service we received and the time saved, I would definitely always include airport concierge services in my international travel budget!

Airport concierge services are not bougie; it’s necessary for my family and me when traveling abroad. Saving us time and money. If we had missed our flights leaving Paris, we would have easily spent more money on transportation and accommodations. So, 180€ was just a tiny amount given the alternative.

If you choose to use an airport concierge service at Charles de Gaulle Airport, you can expect a smoother and more convenient travel experience. With a dedicated representative to guide you through the airport, you can avoid long lines and potential confusion, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip and arriving at your destination safely and comfortably.

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