DIY Wood Bead Floral Wreath: A Versatile Craft for All Seasons

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Welcome to a delightful journey of crafting where simplicity meets elegance. Today, we’re creating a DIY wood bead floral wreath, an easy craft idea that seamlessly blends with all seasons and holidays. This versatile project is not only a charming addition to your spring decor but also a timeless piece that can be customized throughout the year.

Materials Used:

2-inch split wood beads

Flat 16-inch wood wreath frame

Hot glue gun and high bonding glue sticks

Floral wire

Zip ties

Faux florals and greenery


How To Make This Lovely Wreath

My choice of split beads over whole round wooden beads is due to their lighter weight and cost-effectiveness, especially when you need 16-18 beads per wreath. Residing in Texas, the durability of these materials against high humidity is crucial. I found that the beads adhered firmly to the flat wooden frame using high-temperature glue.

After gluing the beads, leaving about 12 inches of space for the florals, I selected a variety of faux florals and greenery, trimming the stems to fit the designated area on the wreath. To secure the florals, I used a combination of floral wire and zip ties, ensuring easy seasonal updates.

The entire process took about 15 minutes per wreath, culminating in a charming adornment for my double doors. For those without wrought iron doors, consider using a command hook or suction cup on glass.

Alternatively, suspending the wreath with a beautiful ribbon from the top of the door offers a picturesque display, allowing you to orient the florals as desired.

Wooden beads hot glued to wooden frame, bak view

This DIY wood bead floral wreath not only personalizes your space but also brings a touch of nature’s beauty into your home, adaptable for every season and celebration.

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