Top Summer STEAM Programs for Kids 2023: Harnessing Innovation at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and More

For the young scientist or tech whiz, a plethora of learning opportunities await this summer. From Sylvan Learning Centers and iD Tech Camps offering nationwide immersive programs in technology and design, to Lavner Camps providing diverse STEAM-focused sessions that have significantly enriched my daughter’s learning experience, the options are vast and varied.

Beyond these, specialized summer options are available, including internships, programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), and overnight STEAM camps tailored for different interests and backgrounds. Internships in STEAM fields can offer hands-on experience with real-world projects, providing invaluable insight into professional environments. For example, HBCUs like Howard University and Spelman College provide programs that not only focus on academic excellence but also include cultural enrichment, helping students gain a rounded educational experience.

Spotlight on Elite University Programs:

MIT and Stanford are not just leaders in higher education; they offer transformative summer programs for pre-college students:


MITES Program: A rigorous six-week residential program aimed at talented high school juniors, focusing on engineering and science disciplines.

Contact Details: MITES Program

Stanford University:

Pre-Collegiate Studies: Offers high school students academic enrichment courses or institutes in various fields like creative writing and physics.

Contact Details: Stanford Pre-Collegiate

Overnight STEAM Camps:

For a deep dive into STEAM disciplines, consider the following overnight camps:

iD Tech Camps:

Description: Hosts immersive, overnight camps at prestigious university campuses across the U.S., focusing on technology, coding, and game design.

Contact Details: iD Tech Camps or call 1-888-709-8324.

Tinkering School Overnight Camp:

Description: Provides hands-on building projects that foster creativity and problem-solving skills in a STEAM-focused environment.

Contact Details: Tinkering School.

National Computer Camps: 

Description: One of the first computer camps in the U.S., offering programming and video game design courses in a residential setting.

Contact Details: National Computer Camps or call 203-710-5771.

Space Camp at U.S. Space and Rocket Center:

Description: Provides a week-long immersive experience in space and aviation, complete with simulations and astronaut training.

Contact Details: Space Camp or call 1-800-63-SPACE.

Engineering Summer Camps at Purdue University:

Description: Offers hands-on projects that allow students to explore various engineering disciplines through teamwork and individual initiative.

Contact Details: Purdue Engineering Camps.

These camps and programs are designed to inspire and educate, providing young learners with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in their future academic and professional careers in STEAM fields. Be sure to explore these options and apply early, as spots in these prestigious programs are highly sought after.

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